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Hi, I use to play with a different team in the past known as SaC gaming. Now i started my own team but i cant input my new server info for pb streaming because of the old server still being found under my account. Can i replace it with my new server some how? : here is the info to the server i am using



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Team account #8254 is currently streaming a server (cod4)


The team account details can be changed on request to reflect whatever clan/group is using the team account.

Currently the main issue with team account 8254 is the lack of a valid website.

All our team accounts have mandatory streaming requirements applied to them, one of which is;

A working clan/group website that is unique to the applicants clan/group, complete with viewable forums / roster / server information.


Source topic:



Your team account currently looks like this;


Team: Super Awsome Cool (sac.)
Account ID: 8254
Streaming Status: Streaming (1 / 1)

Server List
COD4 - (Streaming)

User List
JokerRK (143050)

but if no website is added within 7 days (the website must contain the mandatory streaming requirements listed above) the team account will be suspended untill such time as it does comply.

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