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hey Dr why dont u have the streaming pic in ure username?,if ure streaming u should have that? and btw here isnt the right place to do this,and u need the logs and ss to make them into the Master Ban Index (MBI).

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This is the new format required for submitting pb ss catches to the Master Ban Index (MBI).

SS submissions will no longer be accepted unless your servers stream to the repository.

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Hey DrDre

Iam sure the site staff will look in to it as soon as they have time

and if you are sreaming then they will uppgrade your acount to Streaming Game Admin so you can post those ss in the private forum ;)

so just be patient and you will know werry soon :)


Btw welcome to pbbans

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His SS are useless as he's not streaming they wont be accepted even when he is streaming they wont be accepted because he wasn't streaming at the time the SS were taken. :)

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by the way not all cheats are found by pb

thats why i keep searching for new links on new cheats and sending them to evenbalance research

also you must keep checking your screenies because of the fact that hackers dosnt stop to make cheats and i need help of you guys to recognize a cheater on my screenshots

am still so noob with punkbuster but i would love to be part of the punk ..s kicking

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