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Raven Shield 2.0


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I was bored so i reinstalled RvS and was trying to login to the UBI servers, but of course its not working so as i was looking around for a fix i found this:



Hello and welcome to the Rainbow Six: Raven Shield 2.0 Official Topic, as some of you

already know; Rainbow Six: Raven Shield 2.0 is a project to revive the penultimate game

in the Rainbow Six series in an effort to send out a message to all videogame developers

who are thinking of developing a new tactical title. This project contains some of the most

talented works and efforts brought to you by the very best of our very own RvSGaming.


Let's start by giving you a reason as to why we have chose to do this, why we are so

very passionate about this development. It cannot be denied that in the recent few years

Rainbow Six has taken a turn towards the generic gamer, who has sought to play for a

pick up and play experience. Rainbow Six was the cornerstone title in a long series that

gave birth to a new franchise. While Ghost Recon stole the limelight in ground war, it can

only owe it's lifespan to it's forefather, Rainbow Six. Rainbow Six was the work of a man

we proudly support. Tom Clancy, a known and respected author brought the Jack Ryan

series into the political thriler genre in an explosive entry, but it was team RAINBOW that

really took it to the global level. We are here to continue the works and efforts of a legacy

that without our help will quickly evaporate in the heat of the new generation of videogames.


What we offer in Rainbow Six: Raven Shield 2.0 is the "FINAL" patch to bring closure to

a game that needed all the tender, loving care that we, the community could give. We have

offered HD Textures, you said more. You said better Characters, we delivered our word.

We said more realism, you said YES! and finally, you said revive our game. We promised.

Without a doubt, we stand as a collective community on the forefront of extinction in a set

of videogame catastrophes; Lockdown, Critical Hour, Vegas & Vegas 2. It is time we all

set the standard of videogaming as *THE* community that offers both advice and critique.


So, without any further hesitation, i will proudly offer the final development features for our

build, and with some help i can gaurantee it will be far better than even i expected. Can we

also make sure to give full credit to our contributors, and i mean that by posting in response.


Rainbow Six: Raven Shield 2.0 Features:




*Revamped HD textures, in 512x512 to 1024x1024 format.

*Revamped Character Textures, now with MOLLE Rigging.

*Revamped Weapon Visuals, new Scope Lenses and Hands.

*Revamped Terrorist Textures, with Balaclava Masks, More.




*Ironsights, using the very best add/tex texture system, exact.

*Goggles, no HUD unless you hit F1. Will show health damage.

*Night Vision Overlay, rests ONTOP of Goggles, now complete.

*Athena's Sword & Iron Wrath weapons, combined. NOTE 01*

*Tweaked Enemy AI and improved patrols, equipments, actions.

*Multiple Attachments, still working on it but will have final build.




*User-Made, Default Maps all get HD Graphics, plus Day/Night.

*Consistently Updated Scenario Map Additions, plus Day/Night.

*Possibility for maps from both Splinter Cell & Ghost Recon too.

*The ability to turn off / on light switches, cut power via generator.

*Potential improvements over original maps are to be made soon.




*Brand New Menu Textures, Including Previous Clancy Artwork.

*Possible .bik Video background for main menu showing RAINBOW.

*Possible inclusion of custom music option for .bik video for Main Menu.

*Updated Controls, minor tweaks to default control system. Your choice.



Alright, so with that said i would like to give credit to our contributors and their projects.

Keep in mind that KetsuCorp Enterprises, while developing this for non-profit reasons, is

very excited and would like to fully thank both the Raven Shield Community, and it's team

effort to provide a reasonably large, client/host installation of improvements. Good Hunting!



finally a worthwhile patch to our beloved raven shield

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i cant wait, slip stream some PB support and boom, i wont need to waste time on WarFail2 anymore haha


Here is this weeks progress:

So, as you guys know we're hard at work on the 2.0 Project, and as of recent, we've many

emails regarding the requests of users. So, allow me to clarify what we've got done, and in

no uncertain terms, what we intend to do (hopefully). This will be an interesting posted list!!!


Many of you know, that the 2.0 Project was harshly in danger some weeks ago, but as of a

full overhaul and recovery we are now BACK UP TO OUR ORIGINAL PERCENTAGE and this

means we can continue work as scheduled. We have accomplished basic ironsights for the

main game, all weapons HAVE true to form ironsights of their weapons, character models in

the game are skinned to a higher detail, as are maps. We have also completed the menu's so

that when you select the characters, you can see the new HD skin variant. We have a HUD

that i know you're all excited about, that is soon to be completed by Twi (the man himself!!!).


We intend to finish up with a release of some form of Multiple Attachment System, as of an

ongoing debate with OP, we're still not sure whether to release. This will take some time in

an orderly fashion, we are also still working to continue map textures, so that once they are

ready, you can rest assured that the last piece of the puzzle, ie the Lights On/Off will give us

a new aspect to gameplay, of which i am not the last to say is going to rock our socks off.


Lastly, we've fixed the enemy's AI levels, and reduced them to a factual and accurate layout

so as not to ruin any SP modes, i'm personally thinking of including Twilight's Recon Modes

if he wishes, which will add a new stealth based gametype to the element of RvS Awesomely

fun gamemodes. In any case, the big work to get Athena's Sword & Iron Wrath's weapon lists

will come as an effort to provide SP the unique aspects of gameplay that these add-ons have

brought in, and we will consider the usage of such add-ons in Multiplayer in the near future.


If you're all interested to know, we're closing in on the Alpha / Beta area's of the mod, and it

will not be long before we can start to test this with you all publicly. This does mean that at

first we will privately test with close friends, but later on allow public and anonymous usage.


One last note; we have completely overhauled the textures for the characters, and my quest

to get an even higher level of fidelity is nearing closure. I have a question though, and i can

only do this, if you answer (all of you, as much as you all can). How would you feel, if we're

able to provide a Mapper's SDK (ie HD textures, plus naming AND details on what statistics

they have ingame, ie Wood Effects when shot, and the type of Sound Effects they make) with

a specific thread per map, and thumbnails for each texture used in the 2.0 Project? I'm now

considering releasing the Skin Packs beforehand, separately so that you all can enjoy skins

while not having to wait for this slot of genius to come out in all it's colors. If you want any

of this, please state so, and why/how we should implement it, as the skins are fantastic too!

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