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Get punkbuster screenshots via email!


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I cooked up a vbscript that will send an email whenever a screenshot is generated via the pb_sv_getss command. There is a bug with punkbuster (In Wolfenstein: ET anyway) that caused me a bit of a headache, but I have a workaround.


First, the files. Attached to this post is a zip archive with a .vbs file and a .bat file. The .vbs file can go anywhere, but the .bat file must go in your /pb directory.


Second, you will need to edit the .vbs file in a text editor, and change whatever is relevant to your server's configuration. The file is pretty heavily commented, so it should be easy to figure out. The most complicated parts are the email setup. You will either need an SMTP server running on your game server, or an external SMTP server. The external SMTP server must be configured to accept relayed mail from the IP of the gameserver (the anonymous setting), or must support SMTP authentication.


If you have a host that allows Terminal Services access to the server, you can test at this point. If you have a .png file in your /pb/svss directory, open a command prompt (Start -> Run -> cmd) and type the following:


cscript c:\path\to\emailss.vbs

You should then receive an email with the most recent .png file in the /pb/svss directory attached.


Once your testing is done, edit your punkbuster configuration file, and add the following line:


PB_SV_SsCmd "xxxemailss.bat"

The batch file is named xxxuploadss.bat because of a bug in pb. It will remove the first 3 characters of the batch file when it saves the cvar in memory. You can verify this by checking the log file under pb\svlogs:


[06.16.2005 05:44:50] pb_sv_SsCmd = xxxemailss.bat
[06.16.2005 05:44:50] Setting pb_sv_sscmd value override [pb\emailss.bat]

Once this is done grab a screenshot from a player on the server, and you should get it at the address specified in the .vbs script.


This is still a work in progress, eventually I will add the ability for the script to FTP the png file to a server, and possibly attach the pb log file to the email which will make submitting bans to pbbans eaiser.


I emailed evenbalance about the bug, hopefully they will fix it.


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Just an FYI, this has been tested with Wolfenstein: ET on a Windows 2003 Standard Server SP1 with all recent patches, email going to a UNIX server running Sendmail using the SMTP authentication method.

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