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xfire + pb = false positive on cheats


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to break it down easily


I was banned for a gamehack though i wasnt cheating and to prove this i had to recreate what had happened and we tracked it back to xfire and the OGL settings






those are for INGAME chat for enemy territory , by uncommentign them you mainly get banned for a VIDEO HACK and on rare ocassions a gamehack #89103


anyways to make this quick I reported this to evenbalance and they confirmed it and said this


06/18/2005 22:10:03 - "Stuart Dunsmore"

Note #11: Ok, the Video driver hack is from Xfire, they still have the same issue with their OGL hooks. Also, the 89103, found out what that is, and it's the same issue, but a bug on our end that is giving the wrong vio instead of the same 90003. We do not ban for this, but I am going to talk to PsB about it.




so just a heads up , not sure how much EB deals with pbbans

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this problem is already solved, afaik

I play ET (on etpub) with ingamerenderer = OGL and I have no problem with that, since xfire has updatet their software...


I can chat in-Game with other xfire-members, without a kick

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ancient news tbh


Thursday 01.13.2005 [4:45PM]


We have confirmed that the recently released update for the Xfire (www.xfire.com) instant messaging program has triggered PB Violations #90003 and #90011 when the chat overlay system is used while playing on a PunkBuster enabled server in OpenGL mode. Today, Xfire released a v1.31 update to correct the problem on their end. We encourage PB admins to give the benefit of the doubt to players who received either of these violations since Dec. 30th. As these are generic cheat hook detection algorithms, we will not be removing them from our system. Players who use Xfire while playing on PB Servers should update to the new version immediately.

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actually its not 'ancient news'


they supposedly fixed it up but just recently found out that the latest xfire settings can also cause the gamehack 89103 (or soemthing like that) which was a problem on Evenbalances End so people were being banned by accident so to speak and being added to repositorys ban lists for this hack that wasnt a hack.


they didnt know about it till like last week when myself and a few others tested out a theory and gave that theory to evenbalance who ended up testing it and finding out we could recreate a false / positive that shouldnt have even existed.


and by looking a pbbans banlist i can see several 9003 and 89103 bans still in effect even though they arent legit bans :P

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yooooo tnx, i had the same fuckin problem!!


I told ya i dont cheat, damn xfire...but what can we do bout it, i mean i still get kicked:S:(



yeh the first OGL setting works fine , its the 2nd commented line in the xfire settings that causes the false positive if you just uncomment the un edited line. (the wolf_etpro|extra_hooks_ogl setting)

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