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COD Modern Warfare 2 Admin Tool


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i know this has nothing to do with PBBans but givin your guyses rep i thought i ask you opinion and how you guys would treat something like this


the way MWF2 works threw steam is people connect to the Hosts IP and play off there connection and what this tool dose is identifys there ips and allows the host to stop them from connecting to them.


currently IW has nothing to say about this program of sorts and since it dosent change edit or do anything to any exe files or dll files for MWF2 lots of people are condering that it is leagal.


what i getting at here is my guild Warrior Nation is looking into this program to see weather or not we should allow it and it was sujested i should ask your guyses opinion on how you would treat a program like this if your PBBans would ban someone useing it


heres the link to the program




any info / opinons on this would be greatful

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At your own risk - personally I'd always encourage people to avoid third party tools.


I'm also not entirely sure whether it's in violation of an EULA either: as the product isn't intended to be run in the way required (which wouldn't surprise me).

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