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Aight folks,


Most of ya probably are aware of the recent problems that we suffered. PBBans server had a major hardware failure and we had to be moved over to a temporary home. After the move, we had some issues with the change of the path....for some of you programming types......it means your seriously dead in the water until you find all of the references to the old one and replace it with the correct path.


The long delay was an issue with ftp access.....once we got this, we have repaired the forums and are now going through the site and dbase files to update the paths. We are hopeful that here in the next few hours, you should see bans being added to the MBI and the forums.


I believe that the MBI ban list generator is now repaired.....give it a try and report any problems here.


Last but not least, I have a life beyond PBBans.....I have spent nearly 2 years grooming PBBans into what is today. This involved me going to work in the morning.....working on PBBans at lunch......coming home from work in the evening and working on PBBans till I went to sleep. With the recent events with the server and the problems with the bans not being posted......I truly understand how everyone feels about "Why bans are not being added". It was and still is a stressful time and I had to take a break to spend some time with my family. We are back in business and hopefully by the end of today should be running full steam ahead.


Thank you.......EACH.....and everyone of you for your patience and understanding.

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All of your work is much appreciated Bob! Anybody who has been a dedicated server admin realizes how quickly something like even managing a single server can become overwhelming pretty quickly. Doing something like you have here is just staggering for me to even think about trying. You da man.



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