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Clan says I am banned by punkbuster...


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The clan =VGQC= has banned me and they say it is through Punkbuster, for being a hacker. I do not hack, and to the best of my knowledge have never been banned by Punkbuster before. They also say I have been banned from CO4 when I have never played the game. Can you please look into it, and if I have been banned tell me why. It is a server I like to play on and if PBBans says I hack I want to see the proof...Because I don't..


Ingame name for BF2 :




Thank you for your time, and I await a reply...

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Battlefield 2 GUID: b36d97777b947908dc23393c7dd19631




*R|A* velocity73R

[d0g] velocity73R




If this is your GUID there is no evidence on the MPi to suggest that you have received a ban from PBBans. All violations raised under PBBans MBi relate to violation IPs in different countries therefeore as far as our security check would go on you: you are clean. If you were not you would have been moved to a restricted users group.


In this case I believe the clan is wrongly interpreting the MPi so please feel free to give them a link to this thread.

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