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Server blacklisted


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I have the same problem. I dont understand. I tried a couple off times and had forgot to unlock the memberlist on the website (http://www.wwdf1946.org). Everything should be perfect, i think.


But today it told me that the server are blacklisted? (ip: port: 19567). Runnning BFBC2.


Hope somebody can help.

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Another member made an application as well and he's on the banlist of PBBans.

Tazzi -> http://www.pbbans.com/mbi-viewban-c763a040-vb146165.html


So we are denying all applications of your clan right now and blacklisted the server.

We have a zero tolerance policy against hacker or the clans, who have them inside.

It's possible you didn't know about him, so you get a chance to remove him for your clan completely to gain streaming here.

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I'll be CC'ing you in on a PM in a few minutes as Tazzi who is listed on our MBi has instigated a threat of potential legal action regarding this matter and a ban issued by a third party.


We have a strict no harbouring cheaters policy (as above) and you will be required to remove this individual from your clan before any application for WWDF will be considered.

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Everything should be perfect, i think.

As has been updated in the PM thread running with you a response was received from Tazzi.


Frankly his attitude sucks and he has no respect for this community and our anti-cheat efforts, he does not take the time to listen nor does he completely understand the situation (or seem to want to). He's more focused on attempting to throw his weight around than dealing with his issues up front; despite the ample amount of support we've offered in order to point him in the right direction.


The bottom line stands, while this individual remains a member of WWDF, the clan shall not be streaming here. Of course if the individual is removed we'd be willing to consider a future application from yourself; as you really shouldn't be held accountable for the very poor conduct of Tazzi.

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