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why do I need to have an active forum to ban cheaters?


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Hi guys,


Listen, I'm glad you are doing what you are doing. Seriously, I think it's awesome and I think it's pathetic that a third party has to step in to do what EA doesn't. That said, I'm kind of frustrated because I've been jumping through hoops over the past week trying to get the streaming setup. I created a website and everything listed in the faq and now i've been denied because my forum doesnt have enough activity. The fact of the matter is my friends and I don't need to speak to each other on a forum, we do that on the phone or facebook or IM or mumble or whatever. We don't have a formal clan, we're just a few guys (and now some of their wives) that have been playing the battlefield franchise games since bf1942. We only setup the website to meet the requirements of pbbans.

Is there an option for people like myself? I just want to be able to run a server and limit cheating as much as possible. I love playing against good players and I'm not a ban happy god complex admin. I just like having as many defenses against people who cheat as possible.

Anyhoo, my forum will never have activity on it, so if thats a requirement I will be unable to participate. You guys put in the hard work so I have no problem with you making the rules, i get that. Perhaps if pbbans is not for me, is there another option or a partner you guys work with that might be able to accommodate me? Thanks for any help anyone can offer.



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An active forum is a good sign of longevity for us.

The last thing we want to do is go through the full validation procedure of an applicants team account, only to see the server stream for a week or 2 then disappear off the grid.

If you have all the other mandatory streaming requirements in place, re-apply and shoot me a forum pm, sometimes a compromise can be worked out, such as a shoutbox feature on the applicants website.


The main point to note is that all the mandatory streaming requirements we have in place are there as a response to issues we have faced in the past (mainly security issues) and one of our prime mandates is to protect the admins that use our service to the best of our ability.

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