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Banned without hacks?


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I was recently banned without hacks. It's said that i was recorded with a multihack. Yet my theory is someone got into my cd key and abused to use hacks and other sorts of things. I apologize if the hacker caused any troubles. But i never used any hacks. If someone can please help me or even unban me all the good and cool servers on call of duty 4 modern warfare are protected with punkbuster and punkbuster is the best for anti-hacks. My username in cod4 is [mn]beep345/beep345 please help me.

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If what I see is correct, you are from Belgium. The violation was raised by a USA IP address, so it looks like you CD key was leaked. Do a full system scan or better yet a full OS reformat and geta new key froma reputable retailer, not one of those online key stores.

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A well known abuser of the game got your CD key (ban link). That CD key has been used all over the world. If you bought it from an online site, buy it from a reputable source instead. If you didn't, do what Injuneer said, as you likely have some nasty software on your computer. Either way, the ban won't be lifted, as there would be nothing to stop the hacker from continuing to do so once it was. Solution is to buy a new copy of the game from a reputable dealer, and scan your computer for malware if needed.

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please note that you are not banned, the GUID is.


if you were banned, then you would have a restricted account here


the GUID was used to cheat is leaked and has been used in slovakia, sweden, belgium, the uk, usa, poland, france and hungary


no telling how many people have it....


the ban here is from a player in the usa


there is also a ban from GGC on a player in the uk



only the players that raised the violation may appeal.

valid bans will not be lifted

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