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sounds like a server ban to me...if its not listed on pbbans yet it could be shortly,,or, an admin at the server you played on did a local ban...try to join a server and see what the reply is

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It says:


"You've been banned via punkbuster on this server... GLOBAL PUNKBUSTER GUID BAN 7102676d"


Help. :(




Now it says pb guid auth: UNKNOWN. kicked for 0 mins.


Help!!! :( *cries*

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When you registered on this site.....did you see the words on the left side of the main page....... "Globally Banned"......did you bother clicking that link?


The reason that key is Globally Banned is simple.....it is a shared cd-key. Try buying a real copy of the game next time instead of downloading the cd-key.


Also, not only did you use a cd-key that had been shared all over the world.....you were caught once before with a hack:





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Something i lurned from Bob


Just checking the ip he listed with on this site:


egbakaet (


Search for it in the mpi3 and got only one guid linked for it :3c7893c54b5877f08168e04ac58a6c5c. Wow, his names comes up aswell as a multihack violation:


MPI3 result


Not the guid he provided, he gave us 7102676d that link to an amasing list of ip and aliases, definately a leaked key.......cause he needed one new cause he hacked and got caught the poor guy!!!!!!!! The ip match the one that was streamed on july 22......guess you dont have nothing to say anymore!!!!


What a nice avatar budy!!!!!!!!!



:rockon: :rockon:

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