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Where is the true ?


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Hi everybody,


i have some question about a ban of a player who is usually play on the server where i am.

The reason of the ban is Generic Cvar Scan, and for his defense he say to us :


he tried a cheat with a friend on a server without pb, he had quickly put in his config some command for the cheat, and after try he deleted the cheat. he forget the command and enable by a mistake on our server.

That's what he sayed, it can be possible ?


I have a last question about it, can you tell me the difference of wnx_haxoff and wnx_haxon ?



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I know that kind of player always have a good story for us, but my knowledge for ban reason is very limited ( like my english ^^) and when i'm not sure of myself i prefer to ask it to someone.

It's clear now, thank you guys.

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I'd say he deserves his ban, sounds valid enough to me.


Clearly he downloaded a cheat and didn't clean up after himself, then got caught.

I agree on that one lol... You shouldn't even download a cheat just to mess about .. the files are dirty and corrupt.. and trust me.. you will be caught.. so yes.. I think that this person was banned for a good reason.. and the ban should stick.. sadly I hope this person learned something from this.. don't cheat! ..;)
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