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Hi there.





So, there seem to be alot of people uploading some video's into the Youtube off course - to show off with using Hacks.


I have found one of those, with an interesting thing - as there is a player's nickname visible.


Is this a right place to post it, or should i post it somewhere else?


(Also i assume, you can ban someone - without him being caught in the game by a Anty-Cheat?)








So, about the Cheater.


This is the Video:


video removed





And in 58-59 in Triple Kill, you can see he's nickname - which is poldan or poldari. (That can be checked easily.)


Are you guys able to ban he's Hard Drive or CD-Key?

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video link removed because it is free advertising for a cheat site
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Please do not give cheat sites free advertising by posting links to video "evidence" it could lead to your forum account being moderated or banned.


The only way anyone can be added to the PBBans MBi is if guaranteed evidence is available to compliment the issued ban.

This comes in the form of;

An evenbalance cheat violation.

A punkbuster screenshot showing cheat use.

A PBBans MD5 tool cheat violation.

A PBBans cheat cvar violation.

A PBBans cheat file match.

A demo recorded by an ingame demo recorder that is incorporated directly into the game by the game publishers.

Last but not least, the server must be streaming to pbbans.com


Any other "evidence" (fraps recordings / xfire recordings / youtube videos etc etc, is not admissable as proof of cheat use.


The only people that can impose a guid or hardware ban are the makers of punkbuster software (evenbalance)

PBBans is a privately run anti cheat site, staffed by volunteers and funded by member donations.

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