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Linked IP help!


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Hello guys!


Was playing BF2 last night and I got manually banned form a server for unknown reasons.




[FUB] Karkand 24/7 IO


IP Address:






After a few forum replies I was told that one of my old IP was linked to a banned account with a different GUID. !!!!!!!?!?!!?!? Therefore till I get this fix with you guys I was not allowed to play on this server...


I have the same GUID and CD key since the beginning and I never was ban or anything alike. As far as I know my GUID and IP's are clean.


My GUID is : 40524f8c

My IP is not static. My ISP gives me a dynamic IP everytime I log in.


Can you guys help me to clear that out with this server admin? I do not hack and never got banned before. Never got banned form Punk Buster either.


Forum: http://www.fubgaming.com/forum.php

Admin: MagillaTheGorilla


Here's the linked IP to my IP list... linked IP is 69.156.*.152.


How can we clear a linked IP? I have no clue who that account might be and that IP could have been used by thousands of people in 6 years!!!





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The only linked ban I see is from GGC: http://www.ggc-stream.com/search/server/guid/gid/9fcbc62260b0d10e4409e991d518d3b8


You have nothing to worry about. I have 4 linked GUID bans because of my dynamic IP's. It just means that someone else obtained your IP after yours changed to a new one and used it to play games. No big deal.

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The deal is that this server will not allow me to play there for that exact reason!!! That is why I am confused...


Is this a good reason to ban someone with a clean GUID/Aliases/PB account? Is this guy fair with me or not?

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You need to contact the server admin, we're not enforcing the ban and have no say in which bans are enforced at a local server level.


No, it's not right to ban someone because they have a linked ban which they're not responsible for but unfortunately it happens a lot.

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Well point them in the direction of this thread :)


Firstly the ban at GGC seems to have been triggered on a US IP, you are in Canada.


Secondly, the only IP that ties your GUID's together was used on your GUID in Jan 2007, on the GGC banned one it was used in September 2008.


Banned GUID has been used in USA since october 09


Your GUID has never been used in the USA. Unless you have a private jet I doubt very much thats you!


I think those are the facts as I see them so maybe they'll re-think your ban. If not, I think there's always Plan B :)

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Thanks guys for the support.


I am a legit player and will always be. This situation is very unfortunate and there is no doubts in my mind that the only person who can change things is the local server admin. Never made any sence in my mind that a linked IP with a different GUID from a different country can be ban material.


I linked this thread in FUB gaming forum for them to read this.



Thanks again.

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I would like to apologize for the misunderstanding, we have a policy at [FUB] that if a person has a pbban it has to be linked by ip and alias or only ip if it's a single ip. I will be posting a reminder in our forums.

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