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BATTLEFIELD 3 What do you want it ( To be or Not To be )


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What do you want it ( To be or Not To be )



For example

Below are some ideas of what we all would like to

see in the up coming version of Battlefield ( BF3 )

If at all Possible,

Some of the Ideas may not be possible but what ever can be put in

or added to, will definitely improve the game.



1 - Don't make the graphics look like Bad Company 2 or Medal Of Honor keep the ( BF2 LOOK )


2 - Make sure there is VOIP


3 - Make sure you can make SQUADS


4 - Destructive Environments - BF2 Graphic Engine ( BF2 LOOK )


5 - Commander Abilities


6 - You must be able to go prone


7 - Increase the operational ceiling for the aircraft


8 - It should take a long time to make rank up like it does in BF2/AIX


9 - All of the weapons like zip lines and grappling hooks should be in there too


10 - Cut back it's accuracy of the milker


11 - More Blood splatter


12 - Similar number of unique vehicles to BF2


13 - Full MOD support


14 - BF2 with serious upgrades, much like we see in AIX


15 - Have Aircraft, Armour and an array of Vehicles


15a - Motorcycles, Zipline Night Vision Gogles


16 - Ships that can sail around and shoot, Destroyers , Subs, Battleships, even the carrier could be moved


17 - A Weather element, Fog, Rain, Thunderstorms, Wind, Sandstorms with the Sound Effects


18 - Time Change - Daytime into Nighttime, Day slowly goes into night and viceaversa Night into Day ( As you play )


19 - Night Vision Goggles & Binocs available in all kits


20 - Only Commander should give out UAV


21 - Be able to shoot & kill a pilot with a 50m sniper rifle through windshield


22 - Not be able to Bunny Hop - Once you jump it should give you a sec delay


23 - Not able to shoot straight every time when you jump


24 - Make the most wanted flag ( LAST FLAG ) or ( THE MAIN FLAG ) for capture, (on each side) Also the slowest to change, (in both directions).


25 - Allow more Jets, Choppers and Vehicles in general when the server reaches a certin number of players.


26 - Make sure its a 64 or more man Server


27 - Able to [ Lean L / R ] while standing or crouching by a wall or objects


28 - Able to [ Roll L / R ] when prone


29 - Able to change the look of your character


30 - Movable spawn point. Destroyers that are Movable spawn point. You spawn and jump in a landing craft and assault the beach


30a - Changeable spawn Points, The spawn points are never or almost never the same, So some people can't memorize them


31 - Tunnel Networks ( UNDER GROUND ) with numerous above ground access points


32 - Suicide is not allowed or if you suicide yourself you have to wait a lot to respawn


33 - Planes and choppers have to land for Ammo Reloading & Repairing


34 - Able to go underwater with a breather and a sprint button for 20 seconds at a time...


35 - The commander should have the ability to REMOVE any PLAYER, who is a SQUADLEADER, from being a SQUADLEADER if said player is NOT following the commanders ORDERS

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The commander isn't in the game I believe so not sure if that will be added later. I used to enjoy playing commander but commanding a bad team just made the role ineffective.


One thing I would like to see without any doubt:


No squad leaders in aircraft, the option to be a squad member should be available but you cannot lead a squad when you're also a pilot.


You might want to check this game out too, this is one I'm currently playing and it does have a large percentage of what you've mentioned, it has a steep learning curve but it might tide you over until BF3 ;)


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