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Dragon Age II


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  • 2 weeks later...

i want it.


major appliance purchase and dental work ate my game fund for the moment


i read that the gameplay shifted more towards a mass effect type


suits me perfectly if that is true


i have DA:O Ultimate as well

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  • 4 weeks later...
Dragon Age 2 has sold one million copies in less than two weeks and to celebrate BioWare has announced a pretty neat limited time offer.


Those who bought the game new - on PC or console - are entitled to claim a free PC download of the excellent Mass Effect 2, assuming they meet certain criteria.

"Thanks to gamers like you, Dragon Age II is off to a great start - breaking the one million mark in less than two weeks and faster than Dragon Age: Origins," the company said on its website.


"We appreciate your support. As a special thank you for helping with the game's early success, BioWare would like to present you with a download code for 2010's Game of the Year, Mass Effect 2 on PC."


To claim your copy, you'll need to follow the steps through the link below before April 30.




Fair play to them IMO :)

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so if i already have ME2?


i wonder if this is giftable or has to be used with existing bioware account



If you already have it, ya stuffed like me :P


Hmm don't know @ giftable option.. thats a thought.

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To qualify and get your Mass Effect 2 PC download code, please follow these steps before April 30, 2011 at 11:59pm PDT: 110405_DA2_PROSPECTS_spacer.gif110405_DA2_PROSPECTS_spacer.gif110405_DA2_PROSPECTS_spacer.gif 1. 110405_DA2_PROSPECTS_spacer.gif Activate the Online Pass content that came with your copy of Dragon Age II (The Black Emporium). 110405_DA2_PROSPECTS_spacer.gif110405_DA2_PROSPECTS_spacer.gif 2. 110405_DA2_PROSPECTS_spacer.gif Start the game and log in using your EA Account or create a new EA Account. 110405_DA2_PROSPECTS_spacer.gif110405_DA2_PROSPECTS_spacer.gif 3. 110405_DA2_PROSPECTS_spacer.gif Visit http://social.bioware.com/me2offer and log in with that EA Account. 110405_DA2_PROSPECTS_spacer.gif110405_DA2_PROSPECTS_spacer.gif 4. 110405_DA2_PROSPECTS_spacer.gif Enter your Online Pass code and click "Submit". You will then be provided the code for Mass Effect 2. 110405_DA2_PROSPECTS_spacer.gif110405_DA2_PROSPECTS_spacer.gif 5. 110405_DA2_PROSPECTS_spacer.gif Open the EA Download Manager and enter the code to commence download (if you don't have the EA Download Manager installed, it can be found here: http://eastore.ea.com/eadm). 110405_DA2_PROSPECTS_spacer.gif110405_DA2_PROSPECTS_spacer.gif110405_DA2_PROSPECTS_spacer.gif For more information on this and answers to any frequently asked questions, please visit: DragonAge.BioWare.com/ME2Offer.


the "or create new account" looks promising

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