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Kick Punkbuster 1337 minutes


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Hi, sorry but i am not english but i have a probleme i am kicked for 1337 minutes by punkbuster but my key is valid.


My guid : 226c6d7f1d93ac2cefb1b60d073bf001


The kick's message :




Can u help me please ?


Ps : i have the last pb version.

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Looks like a local ban from that server.You need to get in contact with the clan running that server to get it lifted.


Thanks for reply.


Its not the admin serveur who have kick me because its the serveur on my team. And i have the same problem whit 5 or 6 serveur, i download the promod and when i enter in the serveur i am kicked.

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Stop being a cheap ass and buy your own retail copy of the game.


Your GUID is in use from 5 different countries and banned for hack use.



Assuming you bought the key from an online key shop, they're scams.





In your link the guid banned is : 15d297e2f505bad9fa6e1dcd2738ebba but its not my guid.

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