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Clan member hacking?


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Hey guys so I've got a bit of a problem. Many people believe that one of our clan members is hacking and it's really starting to get to me. However, when ever we point it out to our clan leader he always defends this kid and its really aggravating. This kid fires extremely fast and I called him out on a scroll wheel. But after taking a demo of it, quite a few people says its most likely a trigger bot but I'm still not entirely to sure. Attached to this is a link to the demo so if anybody would mind looking at it and telling me if its a trigger bot or not it would be greatly appreciated. Its only about 2 minutes long so won't take up much of your time. A few people also say hes walling in it as well.



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not enough time for a demo imo.


also w/o streaming logs to verify the demo....



that being said


scroll wheel or some other type of firing aid, whether that is a script or w/e idk


walls? sure does miss a lot of obvious targets to be walls


spams spawn points and choke points heavily



i only watched it once, but didn't really see much there tbh

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Pretty sure from that he doesn't have a wallhack / ESP. As for the high rate of fire check the output in your logs after running pb_sv_bindsrch attack and pb_sv_bindsrch vstr, he either has scroll wheel or a script bound for attack.

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that would be the best thing, for sure


This server is streaming not only to pb but to four other ant-cheats. Is using a mouse macro illegal? Because that is also a possible situation. We watched videos on people using scroll wheel and his firing isn't consistent with a scroll wheel. So we are figuring it is either a trigger bot, macro, or something else that allows rapid firing. Thank you all for your posts and suggestions please keep them coming.

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I assure you the server is streaming to pbbans. I am currently looking for advice on how to get solid evidence on this player and once I do I will show it to the clan leader and go from there.


scroll firing and macros for rapid fire are local issues IIRC


demos should be several minutes long.


have you tried getting added to your streaming team here?

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