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WTF BAN?!?!?!?!


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Hi, i think i have problems with my org...-,-



I formated my PC 2 days ago. Before i even formated the PC the game worked fine(playd on Streamed server with no problems)

Its kicking me for no reason (WALLHACK)

I never hacked before

But this is what i dont get, not on pbbans, not on GV, not on GGC or even on CLANBASE im not ban

Then i scann my guid in to GV and says (GUID IS CLEAN) and PBBANS says:


MBi Search Results The GUID 8437ac61 is not on the

Master Ban Index (MBi) If you are receiving a Global Ban message, this is an EvenBalance issue and is out of our control. Please visit EvenBalance.com for more information.

Other Search Results PunkBuster Global Ban The entered GUID is not globally banned by Even Balance.


PBBans caches global ban data therefore this check may not reflect the correct global ban status.




(The ban)


The process:




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I think that i got keylogged


i think you bought it from someplace that sells the same key to everyone that buys from them


always buy the complete game from a reputable merchant


buying just a key is a sure way to get burnt

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