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If you are just going to delete a topic, you could at least have the decency to send me a pm. I don't wanna be annoying or anything, but isn't responding to messages your job. Deleting a topic doesn't solve anything and is just childish, it shines badly upon the entire anti hacking community. So please, either respond or send a pm so we can discuss it in private if you wish. I am up for either. Just want to be civil.




Previous forum post.


Hey, my buddy here, he hadn't even heard of pbbans until over a year after this ban was placed, a guy hacked his account. Sorry about this, He didn't know about this or a know about the time limit. It causes him trouble with a bunch of anti hack servers wont let him play, it was clearly another IP that his account was hacked from, he is not a hacker. His k/d is not that great, and I have never had a problem playing with him. I would really appreciate if you guys could take a look at removing this. No pressure, just asking politely. He usually plays as joint_x_mikep. It also causes trouble for our server streaming anti hacks because servers won't support a clan with something like this on the record.




Oh, and also, read some of the previous posts, many of the members you had problems with are actually gone, the site is under new management since last summer, the only one as far as I know was mike that you currently have problems with, There has never been any hint, the slightest inkling that this guy is a hacker except the one instance from someone in the same country but definitely a different ip who hacked. So, please keep an open mind on this, many of the members of DK are new and we would like you to take one more look at this. Thank you.



Violation information from PBBans.com:

Ban Date: August 04, 2009 at 11:43:48 am EDT

PBBans BanID: 138844

PBBans Ban Link: http://www.pbbans.com/mbi-viewban-7def7692-vb138844.html

GUID: 192e8d360bcdcc41734855d47def7692

Game: Battlefield 2

Violation: VIOLATION (PB HACK) 139015

Edited by Benway
topic edit. Ban appeals are private not public.
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It wasn't actually deleted. As your buddy signed up and replied to the thread, it was decided to move the thread to the restricted user subforum so he can see it.


We will be taking another look at the case.




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As Everson stated the topic was moved because Mrwendt allowed a previously restricted user to use his account to make a forum post. This is against forum rules and a breech of security. Mrwendts account was then restricted and the post moved. Mike has had many many forum accounts here, all restricted and could easily have posted up himself in the past rather then using someone elses account.


I apologise as I moved the topic and realised since he wasn't the original poster he couldn't see it either. He should be able to now.


The accounts staff member who dealt with that account will be replying tomorrow.

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