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Hi, I just updated my PB for Call of Duty World at War, and I was banned by one of my favorite servers. ***I MEAN NOT TO REQUEST A BAN APPEAL*** I was discussing this situation with the admins and they told me (because they have a private server**) that I can not be unbanned for planting a bomb (ARCHON RANKUP FAST XP) That was the only time I was banned, I am not sure if this is entirely correct or if there is a way to fix this. Do admins of private servers have the ablitity to hand out unbannishable bans or anything relating to the sort? If speaking with me on email is easier, please do so at [email protected]

Thank you and God Bless.

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It's thier server therefor they can ban you for anything they want.




obviously if they are running a xp/rank up server, planting the bomb interferes with their little farm scheme


just find another server


hell, i have been banned for knifing an admin.....i count it as a trophy and then never look back on that kind of silliness

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