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Blacklisted CoD4 Server


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Hi all!


We just rented a new CoD4 Server and wanted to use your streaming service. After the "Automated Hub Setup" worked successfully, I tried to add the server.

But then the message showed that our server is blacklisted. Could you maybe check why it is blacklisted? How I said before. Its a new rented server which runs in our Clan now for nearly 4 weeks.


Game Call of Duty 4

IP: Port, if necessary 28960.


Thanks for helping and as usual my poor english



cybbe by order of Pancho ;)

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As recently as March 8 2011 the server was using "cracked" binaries.

We do not support cracked servers in any shape or form, and the Hub will auto blacklist any server found with cracked server binaries.

Please confirm with your GSP that your server is not using cracked binaries and it will be removed from the blacklist.

Please be aware that if we get confirmation off you that the server is not "cracked" and subsequently the Hub detects it is still "cracked" your team account will be suspended permanently.

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Thanks for your answer fozzer :(

Sadly to hear, that some of my clanmates are so stupid.


I'll will check this and give you a answer.


In deep shame




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Hallo Fozzer,


I found out what they have done. One of the binaries was modified. I've uploaded all the original files from icculus.org. Now my question is, can I or some of you check if the server is really runing clean?

It would be nice if you could help me and we can stream again to your service.


Thanks a lot




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