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** Access Denied **


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Trotz Anmeldung "PASSIERT NICHTS"!?


Kein Stream bzw. Freigabe des Server erfolgt! Sollte in 24 bis 48 Stunden erfolgen?


** Access Denied **


Wo steckt der Fehlerteufel, bin f

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You guys all ready have a streaming account in here.


---------- Account Information ----------

Team: GER =MEK= Squad/Clan (GER =MEK=)

Account ID: 4644

Streaming Status: Not Streaming (0 / 0)


---------- User List ----------

=MEK= Terminator T.L. (124851)

Bruellkaefer (152355)


I think the Terminator account is yours right?

Go here to make a topic for reactivation of the old account.


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Firstly writing in bold won't get your thread looked at any quicker. I have reactivated your team. Please make sure a server is added within the next 7 days otherwise the account will automatically deactivate itself.


@Termibruell, communication within your own clan would've saved you alot of hassle but I see you've made it onto the existing account now. :)


If your account does get deactivated again in the future, just post here

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