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Just thought I'd throw this one out there ;)




I recently bought this and it's very good. It's a combination of FPS and Tower Defence and it does work very well.


It's still in beta which you can try if you buy the game now, their is a demo available but it's out-dated and the beta plays much better.


The devs are active on the forums daily and taking feedback on the beta too. It has co-op but possibly 3 or 4 player co-op will be added, they are trying to get the co-op completed for the release date (15th April) but they're not sure if they can do it yet.

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is the demo even worth trying?


It's worth a look yes but the beta has changed a lot since the demo and you'll notice this straight away if you happen to buy the game or have access to a beta key.


A tutorial has been added, menus are clearer, more options, etc.

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They've updated Sanctum and added DLC. Two new maps at about 2 dollars each. If you own the map you can host and people who do not have it can play it with you.


wait! wait! that makes too much sense!


great co-op game!

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