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I have a Question


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So as the title say,i have a Question.

I play BFP4free since the 31 Nov. 2010. We where happy when PB gets on the Servers. Since the last Days,i read many posts about ppl. who getting kicked by the Server for that:

Aimbot Violation #50428 woot i was happy! Now as it is allways,the ppl. wanna tell us,that they never Cheat,and that these kick must come from somethig else.

I play BF2 for over 4 Years,and i know,normaly when PB kick for that,then its right.


Also i found the Hack where these Violation Numer is from (by google) and i think,they only wanna tell us,that they dont do it,as they are scarred that there accounts get banned soon.


So i only wanna know; can that kick message come from some diffrent thing,what is not a Hack? I dont think so,as i found the Hack and read on the Site where they give it to the ppl. that is detected. But i want to be really safe,before i say something wrong on our forums.


Thx for Reading!


ps: Hope you understand what i mean,as its 2 in the Night,and my English is not so good. xD


pps: I attached a Pic what these guy posted on our forums.So you can see what i mean.post-166814-0-00771500-1302826873_thumb.jpg

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Here is my standard copy/paste response to queries of this nature.


Any bannable violation that is raised directly by PB software, as per this list;


#50000s - Aimbot
#60000s - Wallhack
#70000s - Multihack
#80000s - Gamehack
#90000s - 'Cheat' Video Drivers
#100000s - Speedhack
#110000s - Autofire
#120000s - Game Hook
#130000s - Attempted PunkBuster Hack


is added automatically to the PBBans MBI.

It should be remembered that EB normally apply a 2 minute kick for the above violations and its the proactive admin or 3rd party anti cheat service that apply the actual ban.

EvenBalance always have the last word when a cheat violation is raised directly by their own software, but as the actual ban is issued by PBBans.com its best practice to include us in the appeal procedure.

The player can do this by clicking the "appeal this ban" tab and following the simple instructions provided.

This will include raising a troubleticket directly with EvenBalance and that should include as much information as possible as to why the player thinks this is a "false positive".

It's always a good idea to list all processes that were running at the time the violation was raised (antivirus / chat programmes etc etc )

The key word with any troubleticket query is patience, EB get a hell of a lot of queries and response time is dependent on how busy they are.

Normal response time is 48 - 72 hours.


In short:

If a player is claiming that their raised violation is not valid, they always have the right to open a troubleticket with evenbalance to plead their case.



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Thx for the Quick respone to my Question!


I hope its ok when i paste that, and maybe send it to one of the MODs at BFP4free,as i dont know if they have it.

For the future they can post that to the ppl. who think the have a false alert.

But for know its not needed i think,as i dont see a BFP4free entry in the MBI for BFP4free.

I only want to know about this,for for the future.



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