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Looking for Good Anticheat


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My team that i,am on we play Mohaa spearhead and i,am looking for a good anticheat to run on the server to send messages in to the server and scan the server hope someone can help me out , forsight seems not to work ci is other one thats not that great . I,am not a big fan of people who cheat and it seems it getting a little out of hand , the cheat police website is down i was going to ask them.


thank you for your time

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You found the best one! :D


I'm a former SGA (Streaming Game Admin) here myself and this site picked up a cheater on my own server while I was in work, woot.

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When I get settled in from moving I will run this past my team leaders I have always thought punk busters was the best thing out there I hope PB will be able to help with the cheating on the server be a older game and all like moha spearhead . the cheating is out of hand I think on this server . make the game no fun to play .


thank you for your time and help cheers to you





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