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Pbbans requirements

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So what about those of us that pay for severs out of our own pocket and don't have any clan members and a lot of visitors on the server? I guess I could create a website and forums and post my daily rantings in it. Would an active member of 1 count? Serious question.


I am not being a smart ass by posting this. I am trying to see if there is a way to work within the rules so I can do this. If need be an admin can contact me privately.

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Without going in to too much detail, the PBBans streaming requirements were put in place mainly to address security issues.

We took advice from Tony Ray himself and then added a bit extra.

Every group has to meet the requirements that are in place, for the use, and continued use, of PBBans services, there are no exceptions.


The requirements ensure that longevity, integrity and zero tolerance toward cheaters, are present in all the groups that use PBBans as a streaming partner.

Any streaming service that only requires you to register on a forum and then you can stream a server, has at the very least, a corrupt banlist, and probably a lot more.


To answer your question, we would not ok a team account application if the website had 1or2 members on the roster, a very low or zero post count, no server information on the website etc etc.

There is a community application you could make, but again it has to conform to the requirements for community applications contained here:



The other alternative is to use a less secure streaming service than PBBans (which is anyone else)

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