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Myinternetservices server BFP4f


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Not sure if this is the right area of the forum to post this but it might help someone. I set up my first server for BFP4F with no problem following the instructions in the site (Branzone server). My second server I set up the exact same way but could not get it to stream at all (my internetserverices server) What I found out on the second server is that you cannot upload the files (pbsv, pbsvuser, and pbucon) as this will do nothing with the main files for the server. What I ended up having to do After I downloaded the pdsv and pbsvuser files::::



1. open the game server control

2. goto game server then to default config files

3. click on edit pb\pbsv.cfg

4. then on my computer I had to open the pbsv that I downloaded and copy and paste the information

5 then do step 3 and 4 for the pbsvuser (make sure you save after you copy and paste)


then restart server2 to 4 times this updates the pbucon.use file


then jump on server and play a round. Not sure if this will help everyone but after I did this it started steaming with no problems.

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I know your new to PBBans and streaming UpGive :)

I just wanted to reassure you, and anybody else thats new around here ... to get a server streaming, its normally a case of using our automated setup tool or sending 7 PB commands via rcon and your good to go.


Its only this awkward with BFP4F because of shoddy PB intergration re the streaming side of things, take a read here for info;



Oh, and thanks for sharing your MYIS fix :)

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yea i know would have made the setup alot easier to use recon or the automated setup tool (tries it twice before i saw that you could not use it for BFP4F) but the clan loves it and getting more players on the servers since we has started streaming . A big thanks to you folks and the work you do

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