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Cod4 Guid Bann


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My Cod4 Guid was Banned from a different city than I live !


So I probably wanted a confirmation From You , for the Esl !


otherwise I get a lock because of cheating I was without it !


Sorry for my shit Englisch i was german ;)


Greez and Thanks Cabini

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PBBans applies bans to pbguid's that have been used to cheat.


PBGUID 79c3422edb9c082e23b56b2d80238a2d was definitely used to cheat with.


The cheat file was detected via a routine PBBans MD5 scan (exact match in our cheat database)


ESL is not one of our supported leagues so your issue with them, is nothing to do with us.


However, although the dirty pbguid has been used exclusively by a player, or players, in Germany from 2 different ISP's, there is a chance that the cd key /pbguid was stolen or maybe shared with a "friend" at some stage, so you have been set as a registered forum member with a full member forum account because it was not your IP/ISP that raised the cheat violation.


The ban was raised by someone with a totally different IP and using a different ISP than you.

You appealed the ban using the IP / ISP your posting from on here.


The issued ban will remain on our Master Ban Index (MBI)

What ESL choose to make of it all is their affair.

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