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Red Orchestra 2 Ranked Server Application Page


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The page for applying to have your server(s) as official Ranked servers for RO2 is now live. A couple of things to keep in mind before you go sign up:


- We are being very open (more open than any game ever that i know of) in regards to allowing a wide range of people/groups/companies host official ranked servers for RO2. But not EVERYONE will be approved. You must be an established Clan, GSP, or Gaming community with an actual website.


- It is up to you to ensure that your hardware/network are up to hosting a server that will provide a positive gameplay experience for the gamers joining your server. If we see servers that are running too many slots for their CPU/Network bandwidth we'll likely pull that IP out of official ranked servers.


- There are going to be hundred if not thousands of applications for ranked server approval in the next few days. We're not a huge company, and it will likely take us a few days to chew through the initial batch of applications. So if you don't get an approval outright, don't spam the mailing list with "it's been 2 hours and I haven't been approved yet". We'll get to them as fast as we can.


Here is the link to apply. Remember, fill out the forms completely. Failure to do so will result in rejection of your application.




And just to reiterate my earlier posting on the subject:


Hosting Ranked Servers


We're doing things a bit different than what other studios/publishers have done. We plan to let clans/gaming communities as well as any legitimate GSPs run ranked servers. For clans/gaming communities, it must be an established and legitimate group of some sort. Individuals or GSPs will provide us with the IP addresses that they will host the ranked servers on, and then on our backend we'll basically "turn on" those IP's having the ability to be ranked. Our goal here is to not be overly restrictive with our ranked servers. If we see some funny business happening with ranking on a server, we'll pull its IP out of the ranked system and contact the GSP or clan/gaming community. Now if we see a rash of funny business across the board at a GSP or clan/gaming community we may well pull all of their IPs out of ranked status until they get the issue sorted. So it will be up to the GSPs to make their server hosting as open or closed as they want with regards to modifying files. We do however want to ensure that modding and community content are not hindered, so bear that in mind. Whatever system a GSP uses must allow community made maps and community made content to be installed on the server. Total conversion mods (i.e. someone turning RO2 into a space shooter or something) however will not be allowed by us for ranked server play.


We're looking forward collaborating with you all in this first of it's kind venture. We thing having an open system for hosting official servers will be good for the game and the community alike. So we'll see you all on the battlefield!







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