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RTCW - 10 minute ban


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Today, I went to login on my main server on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory aka RTCW. I was automatically banned for 10 minutes for the following reason(s):

"PBBansHub: Your IP or subnet was recently caught cheating and is blacklisted for 604800 seconds on this server"


I never hacked, cheated or violating Punkbuster or server rules. The server I've been banned from, is my clan's homeserver, I'm Leader of the clan. We have been streaming punkbuster for a while now, and never had any issues until today. The last time I connected to our server (read: Wolfenstein at all) I haven't been banned for anything. I've never been banned by Punkbuster, only had a kick 2 times because my name possibly had wrong color codes. This happened in 2009 or 2008.


Is there any way I can rectify the issue?

Yours faithfully, Spartan_Teynoe



Valueable information:

Server IP:PORT =

My IP can be seen by Administrators, as they probably have IP's logged on these forums. If you don't, please PM me.

Any other information needed? Please PM or add a reply.

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You have recently been added to team account #11599 by SpartanSoul.

There is a level 3 IP restriction enabled on server, it will probably be this that is kicking you .. solution = Disable this feature.

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