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Account Submission Denied


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I have applied for PBBans to be enabled on my server. It's been denied.


1. I am the server admin and clan leader

2 .The GUID I posted is my GUID. I can send you my PB Server log if you like.

3. What has my GUID got to do with the servers PBBans setup?

4. The topic is locked, so how am I supposed to address this 'issue'.




Thank you.

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We need to verify that your GUID matches your IP, to address the issue join an already streaming server for ten minutes on your current GUID and IP.


These extended checks are for security reasons and to ensure we maintain the integrity of our services and the data on our MPI/MBI


A server which is already streaming is, it really only takes 5-10 minutes to get this resolved.


Once you've done that feel free to put in another application.


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I have set our server streaming, is that not ok if I just sit on it now for 10 minutes?

Re-apply, seriously? you already have my details.


[0279.54] Log: PunkBuster Server: [slot] [Type] [Mask] [Name]
[0279.54] Log: PunkBuster Server: 1 1 pbbhub1
[0279.54] Log: PunkBuster Server: End of PB UCON Profile List (1 Entry)

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It is not possible to 'direct connect' to an RO2 server. I have no idea what server is.

Surely there must be an easier way for server administrators!


start RO2

open console





you will connect to server

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