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corrupt module list


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OK for a change I decided to re-install bad company 2. Every server I join kicks me after a minute or two with message Corrupt module list. My punkbuster is running the latest version. Re-installed punkbuster again but same thing happened. I am running windows xp. I have looked around on google will post on Evenbalance when I can get my account there working again. Was hoping some one here might have some ideas on what this error means or have a fix.



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I just made an account here,to say the same thing. Last time I played Bad Company 2 was 8-9 months ago, so I installed it today and got the same problem. I play for 10 seconds and I get kicked from all the servers with this message. I am with XP too, I updated manually the buster pbc setup or what was it, and still I get the same message. Please if someone knows give us heads up :)

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