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Submissions so slow


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PBBans staff is all volunteer, no paid positions so RL does matter. Also, the volume of apps (individual and organizational) has greatly increased with the release of new games. They will get to you asap.

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why is this site so so slow when it comes to Submissions here 24 /48 hrs what for in gaming nothing take 24 or 48 hrs

Sometimes things take a bit longer than the usual 24 - 48 hours because applicants keep making applications without resolving the issues that caused the original application to be denied in the first place.

In addition to that, every applicant has to be checked out, every clan member on the applicants roster is also checked out.

Our policy is to give cheaters, and groups that harbor them, absolutely nothing, there are various other checks involved that are applied to each and every application hence the 24 - 48 hour time frame.


Now that your correct BF3 guid has been attached to your latest application things can progress.

Just as a side note, you will find the staff and fellow server admins a valuable source of information for all things PB and server administration related, but they do tend to ignore requests for assistance that contain as much profanity as what I have seen typed by you thus far.

Please remember, in the faceless world of internet forums etc, we are what we type, and people make judgements of character based on that.

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