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wallhackers captured by PB


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X X X @ Gips


Posted Image





Posted Image



Dragon Rage


Posted Image



God Shady


Posted Image



This is a little grab of our PB Screenshots.


hope you guys can do something with it.

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NO,if you would like I can put you in touch with a friend of mine that speaks dutch to explain why they cant. You have to be streaming so its an uncorupted image. NO stream = cant help, DC

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When you said "we cant use the SS's cause its a corrupted image Actually thats not why, " We have to authenticate through server logs that the SS is in fact legit to avoid possible fraudgulent ss's being sent into us to implicate innocent people. By streamming it allows us to verify that the SS was taken when, where and of whom. We also require entries of the server log with submission of the SS to match up identically with the loggs we have on file from the Repository.



PS if you would please do not QUOTE posts like that that have multiple SS's in them :D Thanks!! :P

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Why isn't this on the Dutch forums? Just curios.

Sorry Murderur, that was whay I meant if not what I said. If the ss is not streaming it could be corrupted or created bt anyone with photo shop skills so the image must be streaming along with the log info for a player to recieve a ban. Was trying to keep it short. DC

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