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FURION Gaming Application ( Lolz)


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Your application has been denied for the following reason(s)

  • You guys might have thought about taking down this pack of lies prior to any application;
    along with the many other scandalous, outrageous, libelous and downright lies that have been made on your own websites forums / front page announcements, and also on forums elsewhere re staff members of PBBans and PunksBusted.
    This group will never be allowed a team account at PBBans and "forgive and forget" is definitely not an option in this particular case.
    There's that much water passed under this particular bridge that the bridge is totally washed away.

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And they wonder why they get denied :P


The Christmas season is upon us, a reminder that we all should be thankful and feel blessed both for what we have and what we don't.


There has been an increase of activity on the site, undoubtably by the riff raff from from pbbans. A member of ours decided he wanted to clutter the BF3 screen even further with scrolling junk, he wanted that streaming crap for some unknown reason. I have to admitt, I did it at the expense of amusement at his attempt and moreso at their responses. I said it once and will continue to say to everyone the pbbans is a chump ran organization of spoiled brats who try to pass themselves of as a creditable organization. They are failing myserably. PunkBuster refuses to acknowledge a relation between the two, ya know the one pbbans adamantly acts like exists.


With our, (by that I mean my,) experience with these losers and even after giving them information regarding the name, IP, and info relating to an individual who approached us with their problematic DOS attacks, they continued with their antics. These idiots created this problem with their nasty childish mentality, I will continue to spread the word of their silliness. It's kind of funny, I have the money and resources to continue to do so, lol.


Oh I noticed our shout box hasn't been flamed again by these losers.. Oh yeah, it's turned off so they can't, rotflmao.


All children have to register post on this site, even the problem children.


FURION GAMING pbbanz.png


Domain Name: furion-gaming.com


Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)


Domain servers in listed order:




Domain Name: pbbanz.com


Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)

Domain Name: PBBANZ.COM

Domain servers in listed order:




I got some nice laughs from all this. Didn't even know he was up to his old rants again until today. Guess anyone who denies him streaming = group of hackers. Thanks for the laughs Furion.

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Same guy sharing his opinions in one other site too. I think surfy already told you guys :)


Ya it isn't his first time sharing them





Got some good laughs from him back then too :)

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