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BF3 Streaming Issues


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Our server, [RIP] Vets Server, IP:, is setup to stream. I used the automated setup to do it. It seems that every day our server stops streaming. I then rerun the automated setup. It streams for a few hours and then stops. Is there a command I can add or change that it make the server stream where or not people are in there?

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Lost count of the amount of times I have posted this :P


All none streaming issues are client side.


The first thing to do when a server just stops streaming is to run the Automated Hub Setup again;



If you are having to go through the setup procedure every time the server restarts, it's obvious that your server is on a "crontab" of sorts and the server is loading a default cfg that does not contain your streaming commands that you sent to it in the setup phase, or your streaming settings are being held in a cfg that is not loaded by default after a server restart.

If you can not figure it out yourself, raise a ticket with your RSP and tell them what your issue is .. hopefully they can then sort it out for you :)


The correct file system within your PB directory should be;


pbsv.cfg - contains all your PB server settings (including your pbucon settings)


pbsvuser.cfg - contains all the scans (MD5 etc) that a server admin wishes to run on his server.


pbucon.use - is a file that is only needed to run pbucon and is best left blank.


Forcing anything other than what's listed above is asking for trouble and judging by the amount of tickets and questions we see, certain RSP's are certainly getting it.


Points to note for all the RSP "experts" who think putting PB server settings in a pbucon.use file is a good idea.


pbsv.cfg is loaded by default after a server restart.


pbsvuser.cfg is loaded by default after a server restart.


pbucon.use is not loaded by default after a server restart .. PB only checks if this file is present or not and then does nothing.

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