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Free ProCon Layers


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777-Hosting is hosting free ProCon servers! We are a small orginization that is brand new offering free procon servers to those who are interested. We have a full TCAdmin backend where users are able to start, stop, restart, and reinstall their service. We also have a nice support ticket system where users are able to submit tickets for problems they may be encountering. We do have a donation system that we encourage to keep the orginization running, but it is not required. We hope you get use out of this and enjoy our services.







777-Hosting Founder

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Hey guys, wanted to give you info on our servers running ProCon. We have a 8 core with 16 gb of ram on a dual homed nic with a full 1 gig backbone. We are also running it in a virtual enviroment with the master TCAdmin server being an 8 core with 8 gigs of ram and a second rollover server with 8 cores and 8 gigs of ram in case of failure.

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We now have our automated email system setup. You should receive an email within 24 hours of requesting a layer. If you don't for some reason email me at [email protected]


Please remember when you request the layer that the email you use during the request will be the one that receives the email. Also, make sure you signup on the main website to be able to access the support and control panels.


Good Luck!

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We now have a sub-user ability! This means that a user can create an account to his/her service for multiple people. This way members can access the TCAdmin backend without the user having to give out his/her username/password!

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