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Blacklight: Retribution

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Patch Notes for Live Launch maintenance:



- Fixed a few more rare crashes

- Fixed Hardsuit taunt

- Fixed instant spawn bug

- Fixed a few minor memory leaks

- Fixed an issue where you could lose your login UI when logging out

- Fixed Last weapon key to default to secondary weapon when you first spawn

- Fixed Datanode and mail notifications when logging into one region and playing game on the other

- Fixed loadout selection on initial spawn when using a Hero

- Fixed mail items with periods in the text

- Fixed friend invites not appearing after the first attempt

- Fixed melee damage multipliers being applied when they shouldn't

- Fixed deathmatch score screen

- Fixed Emblem patch when cloaked

- Fixed Silencer particle effects

- Fixed Speed Demon Legs particle effects



- Added Heavy Assault Rifle receiver

- Added improved lag compensation code

- Added Social Flyout for mail and friend alerts

- Added directional headshot animations

- Added the ability to click on links in the news panels

- Added new audio for when you inflict or take damage

- Added new materials for metallic character camos

- Added option in settings to change where you want the social flyouts to appear

- Added Empty and Full filters to the server list

- Added Inventory cap

- Added new Respawn/Revive interface

- Added sorting for Datanode lists by Datanode quality

- Added Objective dialog for CTF, DOM, and KOTH


Scoring Changes:

- Increased XP bonus for Beast Mode to 250

- Increased XP bonus for ending Godlike spree to 125

- Increased XP bonus for ending Beast Mode spree to 275


Character Changes:

- All characters: Raised max health to 250

- All characters: Raised base health to 200

- All characters: Player impact effects will now always show the blood effect

- All characters Player speed is now 66% from armor, 33% from weapon

- Hero (MARS): Decreased movement speed by 12%.

- Hero (MARS): Decreased HRV duration by 1.5s.


Weapon Changes:

- All Weapons: Raised Gun Melee Damage to 125

- All Weapons: decreased spread by roughly 30%

- All Weapons: Movement speed can now vary based on weapon attachments

- All Weapons: There are now separate spread stats for hipfire and ADS

- All Weapons: Headshot effects now require over 50% of damage to be dealt to the head

- Heavy Depot Weapons: Now require stamina to jump, use stamina when you jump

- Combat Rifle: Increased base recoil by 30%

- Combat Rifle: decreased max recoil by 30%

- Combat Rifle: First bullet when ADS is 100% accurate

- SMG: Increased Min damage to 40

- SMG: Decreased Max damage to 50

- SMG: Decreased effective range by 30%

- Shotgun: Increased recoil by 100%

- Shotgun: Decreased effective range by 20%

- Revolver: Increased movement speed by 5%

- Revolver: Decreased damage by 15%

- 9mm: Increased movement speed by 10%

- 45mm: Increased movement speed by 15%

- 45mm: Increased minimum damage to 45

- 45mm: Increased maximum damage to 65

- Light Machine Gun: Increased movement spread penalty by 100%

- Burst Rifle: Increased base damage to 55

- Burst Rifle: Increased min damage to 45

- Burst Rifle: Increased max damage to 65

- Burst Rifle: Increased effective range by 25%

- Assault Rifle: Decreased base damage to 50

- Assault Rifle: Decreased max damage to 60

- Assault Rifle: Decreased min damage to 40

- Assault Rifle: Increased spread build by 9%

- Assault Rifle: Decreased effective range by 25%

- Combat Knife: Increased damage from 85 to 125

- Machete: Damage increased from 175 to 200

- Hammer: Damage increased from 200 to 250

- Flamethrower: Now only carries one spare magazine, maximum range reduced by 30%


Attachment Changes:

- All Scopes: Removed range modifiers

- Stock: Silverwood IrF-2 Tactical: Increased accuracy/speed

- Stock: Frontier Uls-Ultralight: Increase speed/accuracy/recoil, decreased range

- Stock: Wehr COGs GX: Increase range, decreased recoil/speed

- Stock: Silverwood BRS Tactical: Increased range, decreased recoil/speed/accuracy

- Stock: ArmCom CQC EMOD: Increased speed/accuracy, decreased recoil/range

- Stock: V2 Folding CQC/B: Increased accuracy/range, decreased recoil

- Stock: Hullbreach TSMA CQC/B: Increased speed, decreased accuracy/range/recoil

- Stock: Taurex ACP Mod 0: Increased range, decreased speed/recoil/accuracy

- Stock: Krane STI-01: Increased speed/range, decreased recoil

- Stock: Overmatch JLM.5 Advanced: Decreased accuracy/speed/recoil

- Stock: Krane CP2 Dual Mount: Decreased speed/accuracy/range

- Stock: Vulcan ACP-3 Collapsible: Increased range, decreased speed/accuracy

- Stock: ArmCom AC10 Sharp: Decreased speed/recoil/accuracy

- Stock: Titan BP-SR Tactical: Increased accuracy, decreased speed

- Stock: Titan BP-XLi Heavy: Increased speed, decreased accuracy/range

- Stock: Titan BP-CQ + PCR: Decreased speed/accuracy/recoil/range

- All Barrels: No longer affect recoil

- Barrel: Silverwood X35 CQC Post: Increased movement speed; reduced accuracy

- Barrel: Titan FFB-57 Extended Assault: Increased accuracy/range; reduced movement speed

- Barrel: Wehr Blackbird 71 Assault: Increased damage; reduced movement speed/accuracy/range

- Barrel: Titan Raider x15 Tactical: Increased damage/movement speed; reduced accuracy/range

- Barrel: Titan AR4-NightStalker Assault: Increased damage/accuracy/range; reduced movement speed

- Barrel: Krane LR-Light: Increased movement speed; reduced accuracy/range

- Barrel: Briar Composite LBiV Assault: Increased damage; reduced movement speed/accuracy/range

- Barrel: Vulcan Stalker 1T6 Post: Increased damage/range/accuracy; reduced movment speed

- Barrel: Vulcan BP-15 Short: Increased movement speed; reduced damage/accuracy/range

- Barrel: EON Mercurial SW-09 Post: Increased accuracy/range/movement speed; reduced damage

- Barrel: Hullbreach 77.3 Ogre Post: Increased damage; reduced accuracy/range

- Barrel: ArmCom Elite X3-455 Heavy Assault: Increased damage; reduced accuracy/range/movement speed

- Barrel: Briar TDF 13 Sniper: Increased accuracy/range; reduced damage/movement speed

- Barrel: Briar Leatherneck 5B.ID Sniper: Increased accuracy/range; reduced damage/movement speed

- Barrel: Silverwood EX LR Sniper: Increased accuracy/movement speed/range; reduced damage

- Barrel: Titan FFB Shotgun: Increased range

- Barrel: Wehr M-CV Breach Shotgun: Increased range/movement speed; reduced accuracy

- Barrel: V2 Thor-X200 Mod: Increased damage/accuracy/range; reduced movement speed

- Barrel: V2 Odin-Z900 Mod: Increased damage/accuracy/range; reduced movement speed

- Muzzle: Wehr SYS3: Decreased damage; decreased recoil

- Muzzle: Hullbreach ZXi Nexus: Decreased damage/recoil; Increased accuracy/range

- Muzzle: J3 SRM Mod 01: Increased recoil, decreased damage/range/accuracy

- Muzzle: Briar S'11 Archangel: decreased damage/recoil

- Muzzle: Vulcan QDSS-9: Decreased damage/recoil

- Muzzle: Briar XS-Supp: Increased recoil, decreased damage/range

- Muzzle: Wehr RXS Typhoon: Decreased damage; Increased accuracy

- Muzzle: Vulcan r36 Spectrum: Decreased damage/recoil; Increased accuracy/range

- Muzzle: Overmatch FB-RX: Increased damage

- Muzzle: ArmCom NT4: Increased range/recoil, decreased damage/accuracy

- Muzzle: Frontier Snuff-XS: Increased damage, decreased range/accuracy/recoil

- Muzzle: Silverwood RAS-6: Increased damage/recoil

- Muzzle: J3 R19 Rift: Increased damage/recoil

- Muzzle: Krane SPR1: Increased damage/recoil, decreased range/accuracy

- All 'Quick' Magazines: Reload speeds increased

- All 'Express' Magazines: Reload speeds increased

- All 'Extended' Magazines: Move speeds decreased

- AR Drum Magazine: Increased move speed, Decreased reload speed

- AR Double Drum Magazine: Reload speed decreased

- Shotgun Standard Magazine: Movement speed decreased

- Shotgun Light Magazine: Movement speed decreased

- Shotgun Quick Magazine: Movement speed decreased

- Shotgun Express Magazine: Movement speed decreased

- Shotgun Drum Magazine: Reload speed increased

- LMG Quick Magazine: Decreased reload/movement speed

- .45 Express Magazine: Increased ammo, decreased move speed

- 9mm Extended Magazine: Increased ammo, decreased movement speed

- 9mm Express Magazine: Increased ammo, decreased movement speed

- Machine Pistol Express Magazine: Increased ammo, decreased movement speed

- Burst Pistol Express Magazine: Increased ammo, decreased movement speed

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UPDATE: Hey guys, got an update for you. This patch is huge. As in, it's over a gig right now. We need to take some time to get it to a manageable size, or else its going to be a disaster when everyone tries to download it at once. Therefore, maintenance is being delayed 24 hours until the same time tomorrow.


In the meantime, here are the patch notes:



- New map: HeloDeck!

- Spectator mode added. Click on a game server, then click on the Watch button to spectate!

- Added models for Chance Packs.



- Datanode fusion is now 4x faster!

- Quick Join now prioritizes latency, followed by level restrictions, followed by amount of players in the server.

- Fixed the occasional crash related to chat.

- Fixed cases where the Revival UI was persisting longer than intended.

- Fixed the infinite load screen when failing to load into level because of missing content or content differences from server.

- Fixed the wrong message showing up when being kicked from a server while above the max level requirement.

- Fixed Ambient Occlusion crash when enabling after already in a game.

- Fixed the server crash occurring on all regions intermittently.

- Fixed a startup crash.

- Fixed some special characters not working in Blacklight passwords.






Hey guys, it's server maintenance night! Tonight's maintenance will contain a patch aimed squarely at fixing the terrible lag problems plaguing our servers. There's also some other stuff happening, but that will have to remain a surprise for now.


Downtime will be from 11:00 PM Pacific until 1:00 AM Pacific.


Patch notes are being verified, and will be posted as soon as I get the go-ahead. Have a good one, everyone.

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These patch notes will be live after the 4/25 server maintenance is completed.



- Fixed a rare UI-related crash

- Fixed a rare game-related crash

- Fixed hardsuit targeter effects staying around after the hardsuit drops

- Fixed issue that prevented social categories from rendering when playing the game in FRA and DEU

- Fixed the AAR for Training

- Fixed being unable to place turret while holding a flag

- Fixed spectators being able to vote kick someone

- Fixed spectators being able to vote to skip the map

- Fixed invalid icons in the UI when a controller was plugged in

- Fixed captured points on DOM HUD always being colored red for spectators

- Fixed unlocalized text showing up in combat log when players are killed by a barricade melee

- Fixed the return to lobby button in intermission not closing the loadout menu

- Fixed XP boosts showing in the in-game score menu, now only applied in the After Action Report

- Fixed an issue with default chat channels

- Fixed the ignore list not respecting all channels

- Fixed an intermittent hang that occurred when using DX11

- Fixed incorrect player counts for entries in the server browser that occurred when transitioning between game states

- Turned off clan-based sorting on all servers EXCEPT clan-specific servers

- You can no longer see enemy health bars when you have the heal injector equipped



- Removed the dialog box in node fusion UI when fusing nodes - Fusion is now 4x faster!

- Added a breakdown of GP earned in After Action Report

- Added the game state to the server browser

- Added volume sliders for hit FX sounds for giving and taking damage

- Added a reply button to mail

- Added saving of server toggle states in the server browser

- Added the ability to modify FoxHud.ini again!

- Added a gameplay option to turn off HUD chat

- Added a gameplay option for static crosshairs that aren't affected by weapon spread

- Hard-suit now faces away from you when it lands

- Crash reporter no longer requires input

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Buy Blacklight: Retribution - Starter Pack


Perfect for new players, the Starter Pack includes 1 Premade SMG, 1 Premade Burst Pistol, 2 Gun Modifications, 1 Helmet Armor, 1 Chest Armor, 2 Equipment Gear, 3000 Game Points (GP), and a 7 Day XP Boost!

SPECIAL PROMOTION! Offer ends July 10th



the game already has walls/ESP ffs....

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the game already has walls/ESP ffs....


Yeah, not real sure what the real benifit of having EB (or any anti-cheat) if this PFF turns out to be like how server rentals in Tribes Ascend are handled. The PFF games that are rented through the game developer.


There will be many hollow blacklight bans issued by EB, and they will sell those stats to the next developer that stumbles their way. R&R


That said. Downloading how :fighting0050:

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played the game today its petty good



glad to hear it still is


the beta was fun for me


i just played the beta like there was no esp, for the most part

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