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Help please Streaming Game Admin


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I put this content in another post, but I think it goes in this place, the problem I want to download a file to use md5 and get this error I quote what I put in another post, and please tell me if this well in this place, and that proffers do to remove RESTRICTIONS


Greetings and Thanks


and I would like to know how I can run on our server the md5, it restricts me asceso to download, and I would like to know how you could access this ...




Master Config Index - CVAR & MD5 Overview




You currently do not have access to this area


You must be logged into our forums and have a forum status of Streaming Game Admin status or higher


If you have just started or resumed streaming your forum status will be automaticly updated within the next few hours.

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Thank you so much and deliver the application and use this tool for the server


Using Automated Streaming Setup Tool





1 Some games use separate ports for RCON such as Battlefield. You must use the RCON port to setup the server however you must use the game port when adding to PBBans. For example, Battlefield Bad Company 2 uses a default game port of 19567 while it uses a default RCON port of 48888. In this case you would use 48888 for our Automated Streaming Setup tool but use 19567 when adding your server to your account. If you use the RCON port to add a server on PBBans it will not stream.



If you have uploaded a custom PB config file (pbsv.cfg) and do not wish for PB to overwrite it, uncheck the Write Config checkbox before pressing Perform Setup. This is useful to troubleshoot streaming without committing any changes.


If your server will not stream please refer to the Troubleshooting section at the end of this guide.


Greetings and Thanks

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I am not allowed to publish the message



Topic Title: xxxx


Game: xxx



or send the private


pleaseif you could confirm delivery of the message you send, and ifI failto, give meanother way to deliverthe, data soI'd appreciate others did all the steps


Greetings and Thanks

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