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PB support discontinued for Wolfenstein


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I don't see Wolfenstein 2009 at all viable since the leaked beta before the game's launch. Without mod support the game is also a factor. The game was broken since the leak.


The game failed to impress anyone after a couple of weeks. It make sense for Evenbalance to drop support as there's no one playing this game. Only one ban in MBi.

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I once again address to administration pbbans


Please, allow to download files Overview | CVAR | MD5 | PBSV





Opinions of people which never played this game aren't interesting to me


PS I play only in wolfenstein end Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stalingrad

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I very badly speak in English.

If I have offended someone, I apologize!

And so, I will try to explain that I want....

At me is wolfenstein server which the minimum will work 1 year. To be registered on pbbans as the manager of the server wolfenstein there is no sense. Understand why?...(Question rhetorical, it is possible not to answer)

I want to protect fair players from cheaters. Files Overview, CVAR, MD5 are for this purpose necessary to me.

You can send them to me on mail or give the chance to download them here?

I will accept the simple answer YES or NOT


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No point for phantom limb pain about our 'for SA use only' policy really,

i own this game and i hardly supported it - which means quite a few things, amongst others: it was dead on release.

In other words: You do not miss much, there is one (almost working) cvar restriction and two outdated md5tool checks for pb detected cheats, there are no new cheats around as hack coders are just as uninterested as online-players. We did no updates since ~1/2 year after release date. There will be no new researches.

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Yes, new cheats isn't present, is old type cvar unlocker.

To edit an old script and to compile it even for me not a problem


Please, give me a check file cvar. It to me will help to protect from elementary showskel,showPlayerArrows

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i did some research at the time about the the bright green models / glow effect, case your about this, your up a wrong end with cvarunlockers. All that is required is the game console. Its a combination of veil and two game cvars.

It is glitching / a game exploit and there is no fix.


pb_sv_cvar r_*** IN 1

... is still exploitable, so it 'almost' works and there is nothing better (restricting the second cvar involved in the glitch is no use).

i will not repost any details in public forums.


This thread will be wiped within 1 week (hello Google)



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*** exploitable cvar(restriction) removed
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