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I have a list of some violators on my website that I pulled from my server cheat logs. Can these be added with just that information by GUID or do you need PBSS's as well. Sof2 is the game. I want to get more involved with you guys and gain as much knowledge as I can towards battleing hackers. I also applied to set my server up to stream, how and where do I get this set up at? Thanks


sneek ~3dK~

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check your private messages m8 .. you should have received this;



welcome to pbbans .. i have validated your forum account and set you as game admin .. you should now be able to view all the relevant info to get your server streaming to pbbans .. once this is done just ask a staff member to upgrade your account to streaming game admin .. with each upgrade comes more forum access and more access to what pbbans has to offer


thanks for your support

for streaming try this;



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