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Hello PBBANS members and Guests.





I am proud to annouce that there is a new GSP that will be invading the Gaming land.


Clanoutpost Gameservers is now online!


Tired of paying too much for your servers and always having them crash and then waiting hours for them to be put back online? Well your search is over!


We offer games from as low as $0.60 a slot to the more higher memory usage games for $2.80 a slot!


We offer a huge variety of games and can host plenty more then what we have up on our site.


We offer games from ARMA2 for as low as $2.80 a slot all the way through to Wolfenstien Enemy Territory at $0.75 a slot or the old games like Battlefield 1942 for as low as $0.60 a slot!


Call of Duty servers as low as $0.75 a slot! We offer every call of duty game except Blackops and MW2


We are also doing a promo up to the end of Febuary. You get 25% off any server for 3 months with the Promo Code N3W


Why wait anylonger? Come get your Gameservers today!


Clanoutpost Servers


Thank you and happy gaming!



Clanoutpost Gameservers


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Not always, UK players will usually have around a 200-280 ping, but thats gonna happen anyway since they are across the pond


A few more days left until the Sale is over, get your server today!

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I'm pretty sure they are Chicago since the dedibox is in Chicago. I just double checked lol. I tried several IP tracers and each tracer ends up in different parts of the USA

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Starting today, March 10th for 20 days we will be running our March Frenchy promo code. 10% off all servers for 6 months with the code MF12


Come get your server today!

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Halo Servers from $0.50 a slot now!


Cogameservers is having another promo sale for the month of April. From now April 1st until April 30th with the promo code APR01 you will get 10% off any and all servers for 6 months! Don't miss out, get your server today!

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