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Punkbuster error


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Greetings guys,

I have a pretty big problem with my history. So what happened.


I was playing BF3 on one server, after some time o got banned with reason suspicious. When i wrote to forums, they told me a have a linked account with some kind of ban. There is the link.



I cant see it, cuz im not streaming admin, but they put some info about it.


Violation and PunkBuster Errors

Date Violation or Error

Dec 25, 2006

Viol #9002 MD5Tool Mismatch: textures/T_AA2_UI.utx (len=2048)

hx.Frost!K (83.208.***.185)

[bSM] (62.101.***.254:1716)


Dec 25, 2006

Viol #9002 MD5Tool Mismatch: maps/Eagle_Tower.aao (len=2048)

hx.Frost!K (83.208.***.185)

[bSM] (62.101.***.254:1716)


My question is, how can i prove im not a cheater? How can i get rid of this? Its from americas army and we all do know how PB was working (not working) there :)

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your GUID is not banned here. there are 2 violations listed


typically that means if there was a ban it was successfully appealed


i will do some research on your particular case

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the noted violations result from stock file checks issued by a single AA 2 server. Namely we see an unknown map- and an unknown texture- file. (unknown is all we have to say, not worth any research really)

PBBans neither supports nor recommends stock file checks, as the resulting violations (kicks not bans) are arbitrary. The reasons for the resulting kicks are various, mainly Version issues (e.g. server runs an older/newer patch/mod-version than client), some server checks were unreliable, untested or even experimental ex.: "under development use at your own risk" .vs. this one is corrupt: missing/empty "" Version-Variable will raise random kicks - you note the different file signatures.


PBBans MPi used to list negligible violations as well prior to 2008, as at that time admins usually knew how to rate these, typically: "not cheat related".


The only problem i see here are server admins that have no idea what they are talking about.


PBBans.com is a punkbuster support site, no game support site.

PBBans.com does not hold or maintain players's "accounts" in any shape or form.

Who sees a player, an "account" when looking at an MPI search-result and identifies linked (by IP) GUIDs as "same person" gives active proof he is an idiot.


MPi database will not be touched or altered. Not even to fix stupid.



Feel free to quote this topic or reply elsewhere (preferably in full incl. the deserved abuse ;P)

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