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altering stuff on maps


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i received this from a gaming friend on another forum:


Hi Fozzer,


as I read you were a COD admin. So, you may know that we are setting up a COD server. We have two little probs. Hope you want and can help us in oone thing. In Carentant map in COD2 there is a poster 2 times on one house. On the main street side and the same on the side where Allies spawn at first. I saw now on another server that they put there in an own poster. I would like to do the same and I already got a DDS-Plugin for Photoshop and some IWI-converter. But when I change the image, it's always crap (watch here:

If you have any idea which size the pic must have or what I did wrong, please let me know


as it pertains to altering a map i thought someone here may have a clue and i can pass it on :D


tnx for any help received

link above dont work :angry:

heres what he's trying to alter

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