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Trying to get my server to stream, but.....

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I am not sure if I should wait until there is more forum activity. Obviously our clan, NewbieFrom, is against any form of hacking/cheating, however we are picky on who we recruit and so our numbers are low (9 members). There lies the problem; not too much forum activity (at least in my opinion), as we use both battlelog, steam, and TS3 to communicate. We have met all the criteria required in the prerequisites of streaming PBBans and am wondering if you recommend waiting until we have more recruits to the point that our forums are buzzing with posts. I would definitely like to have all countermeasures against cheating, but at the same time realize that there are certain rules placed into effect for a reason. Please PM or let me know what needs to be done? I have left our clansite there in case anyone is willing to assist. Thank you.



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Fill out an application form and put the link to this topic in the comments box.

If everything else checks out I am sure a low post count on your forums will not be an issue :)

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