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just a little help please :)


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my friend is trying to connect to my server, which is obviously with PB....but when he connects to pb servers he looses key packets :s


this means he can only play on non pb servers :s


he would like to join my clan if he can get his pb working...I took over his computer using remote assistance last night and installed pb via evenbalance...but it still will not let him connect...he has of course got the software netgear installed which I could not find to uninstall :/


i mean im not exactly bad at computers since i spent 3 yrs in college working on them :/


is there any way I could help him as Ive updated his pb to the max.......it still doesnt work :s

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ET comes with PB already installed,all you have to do is enable it and update it, so when you say you installed punkbuster via evenbalance what exactly did you install?


is the game patched to the latest version?


did you use pbsetup to update his pb ?


it can be found here


In general, if a connection can play the Game online successfully without PunkBuster, then there will be no need to make any changes to a firewall or proxy that may be in use when PunkBuster is Installed and Enabled. PunkBuster communicates over the Internet (and in LAN environments) using the same network channels created and used by the Game, and therefore requires no changes. If, however, you had to adjust your firewall to use the game in the first place, you may need to extend that adjustment to include ports used by PB's auto-update feature. PunkBuster for Enemy Territory uses outgoing UDP Port 27960 to communicate with Master Servers. This is the same port used by default by Enemy Territory for gameplay.


The key packet kicks are a network issue, where PB client information is not reaching the PB server. Lower bandwidth players are highly succeptable to this.


if all else fails open a trouble ticket here

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