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Guest IcheBAN

Note #2: We have linked this kick to a Windows error that is not handling PB requests correctly. Here is a solution that was found:


*Note* This step will only work for a user who is running Windows XP Pro


Make sure your account is an administrator account.


go to run...

type gpedit.msc

press enter

browse to

Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Secutiry Settings ->

Local Policies-> User Rights Assignment


Find the policy named "Act as part of the operating system" and double-click it

Click the button named "Add User or Group"

In the text entry field type your user account name.

Click Okay

Click Apply


*Note* This step is available to all Windows XP users (XP Home and Pro)


go to run

type "cmd" without the quotes

press enter

be sure to have you windows xp installation cd ready

type "sfc /scannow" without the quotes

press enter


restart the computer

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direct from the manual:


"I keep getting kicked by PunkBuster for "Blocked O/S Privileges"?


Please temporarily disable other security type programs you have running such as anti-virus, process guard, SDProtector, etc. to find out which of them is blocking PB's access to resources on your computer. You either need to run PB without the blocking program(s) or play on non-PB servers. Also make sure you run the game under an Administrator or equivalent account under Windows. If you do have access an admin account, you can right click on the application you want to run and select "Run As". This will allow you to give admin access to that program and should allow you to play with a limited user.


the full FAQ for betafield2 can be found here click me

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