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Hello experts!

need your advice about this player, looks like he's using ESP or some kind of wallhack but on our forums he mentioned that he's using and i'm quoting


"Im usually pretty good in cod4, also im a soundwhore which is not cheating at all... It appears as wallhacking because i simply hear every step in 5.1 surround, (got a 7.1 surround headset but cod4 only supports 5.1) so i know where ppl are and react to that in the most efficient way or by simply shooting some through a wall."



could you please take a look on the demos attached (7z format, couldn't compress the demo to less than 800k)?


here is another demo, 1.8MB can't upload so i'm adding a link to zip file on our site.




another demo, here he's with different nick - **removed**





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The only video evidence we will comment on is recorded evidence of games that have an ingame demo facility, and then only recordings made on a streaming server and submitted via the proper procedure by the server admin.

This is because we are able to run various checks via streamed logs to guarantee authenticity of the recorded evidence.

Without the accompanying streamed log data, everything just becomes hearsay.


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